Posts from December 2019

In the last 2 or 3 months, ClickDimensions have added some brilliant new features. My favourite is the ease with which you can now add dynamic personal content to an email template. In the New Drag n Drop users can set predefined conditions to sections of content, and only recipients who meet these conditions will see that content in the mail. This means that in one template you can add sections that will only appear to specific contacts and send that one template to multiple Marketing lists. Simple examples are different content for contacts that work in different industry sectors, or located in different cities. 
Sticking with improvements to New Drag n Drop Email templates, there is a new Corporate Styles setting which allows you to set up the Corporate style, then apply it to any template that you have created, ensuring consistency across you emails. The final improvement is that you can now create your email send from the Email template itself. 
If you are interested in refreshing your knowledge on ClickDimensions, contact for some refresher training or support. 
Other improvements come in Campaign Automation with the addition of the Update field action. This allows you to update any field on the Lead or Contact entity direct from a Campaign automation – no need for a workflow. Ideal for something like an onboarding or Welcome campaign where you want to flag that a recipient has already been through the automation. There are also new Campaign Automation templates to use as a starting point for your own automations and the ability to clone a Campaign automation to serve as a basis for future similar automations. 
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