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The New Face of Dynamics 
The new face of Dynamics 365
This month saw the release of the latest version of Dynamics 365 (CRM) which will be rolled out to all existing Online customers over the coming months. 
Dynamics 365 v9 has a new user interface which provides the basis for the Unified User Interface to be rolled out in a later release. In addition there are some new features and functionality. 
Here we give you an overview of some of the key new features of this version. 
With a few small changes to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, it can be configured to give you real insight into the sales team’s pipeline and sales effectiveness. 
A typical pipeline chart looks like a funnel: prospecting activity feeds new leads into at the top of the funnel, sales then qualify the leads and a percentage of these leads come out of the funnel as a won order. This simple chart is a visual guide to a company’s sales process. 
The process bar in the sales opportunity form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be configured to match your sales process, the real insight comes when you connect the pipeline chart to the process bar. 
The importance of good data quality 
Most people would agree that one of the key points, and benefits, of a Customer Relationship Management system is to be able to get good quality data out in the format you need and when you need it. 
Maybe one of your key reporting tools is managing staff goals – what are their targets and how close are they to achieving them? 
What you really want is a solution everyone is happy to use – anywhere, anytime! 
The success of any CRM project is often measured in terms of “does it meet the spec” – whatever that spec was in the first place. 
How often does the success get measured by the impact it has on those using the system? If the users it is designed to help don’t like the system they will find ways to avoid using it or double up by still using old systems alongside the new. 
CRM often has a large user base with different functionality for each group of users. They all need to be taken into consideration during the design and development of a system. 
Is SaaS the way to go? 
Most businesses have implemented a CRM system at some time, but if this was a few years ago maybe 2017 is the time to look at changing it. 
Over the years technology advances have changed the functionality of CRM systems dramatically. Whilst you may have the “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” mindset, do you realise how much more effective you and your team could be with a new system? 
How have times changed for the salesperson? 
How many hours do we spend, on average, using social media every day? According to data from We Are Social released in Jan 2016, we spent an average of 1 hr 29 minutes using social media across all devices – with the overall time spent online at around 2 hrs 51 minutes per day.  
The split across the age ranges is fairly similar so using the excuse that it is just for “youngsters” simply doesn’t add up. (Source: – UK Social Media Stats). 
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