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With a few small changes to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, it can be configured to give you real insight into the sales team’s pipeline and sales effectiveness. 
A typical pipeline chart looks like a funnel: prospecting activity feeds new leads into at the top of the funnel, sales then qualify the leads and a percentage of these leads come out of the funnel as a won order. This simple chart is a visual guide to a company’s sales process. 
The process bar in the sales opportunity form of Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be configured to match your sales process, the real insight comes when you connect the pipeline chart to the process bar. 
The Implication of Qualification 
Following on from our last article which discussed how implementing CRM can help you improve your Sales Velocity, this time we are looking at three leading methodologies for helping you qualify your sales. 
Qualifying your potential leads/prospects correctly and early avoids wasting resources on deals that you have little chance of winning, or are not good business for you. This then means your sales team have more time to concentrate on better more profitable business 
6 Strategies to improve your Sales Velocity 
Sales velocity is similar in concept to any other type of velocity measurement. In a car, velocity is a measure of its speed i.e. miles per hour. Sales Velocity measures and predicts the “£’s per day” – how much and how quickly is your business making money? 
The equation for Sales Velocity can be seen in the image to the left. 
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