About Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM changes the rules of CRM. With both cloud and on premise hosting options, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM system offers 
A breadth of functionailty to complement the most complex of environments 
Added cross functionality with higher automation potential which improves efficiency and effectiveness 
The application has core functions plus customisation opportunities 
Codeless customisation means that you could customise the system your self. 
The CRM system is simplified to enable maximum effectiveness. 
In a traditional CRM environment separate systems are often required to meet the needs of the Service, Operational and Accounts functions. 
With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the breadth of functionality is so much greater, resulting in one unifed system covering much more, reducing the need for multiple systems, duplicate data and systems integration. 
The diagrams below contrast the complexity of the traditional environment with 4 or more systems required to provide the functionality,against Microsoft Dynamics CRM which enables service and operational functions to be incorporated resulting in integration between just 2 systems rather than 4 or more. 
Dynamics CRM update event 
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Microsoft Dynamics 2016 
What is in the new release 
Major changes to the user interface plus much more.. 
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