Making the most of your data 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM comes with ready made charts on key data but there are many more possibilities with charts. Some Chart ideas that we have found useful are below. 

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Sales Pipeline 
The standard Pipeline chart in CRM shows the Pipeline phases as different colours, but the size of each phase does not reflect the value of the revenue in each Pipeline phase. With a few tweaks to the xml code of the chart, you can create a chart that shows the Pipeline with the value of each Phase shown much more clearly. The shading also shows how close to Actual Revenue the values are. 
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Revenues and Opportunities against Target 
This chart gives an up to the minute picture of progress against Targets. Some customisation of fields on the Account are required to get the data in place, but once there it is simple to update Targets and the data for Revenue and Opportunities will automatically populate through roll up fields. 
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