Migrating data to Dynamics 

Are you looking to migrate from Act!, GoldMine or any other legacy CRM systems? Outgrown the functionality and looking for the next step? 
CRM Dynamics have been implementing a range of CRM solutions including ACT! and GoldMine for nearly 20 years. With certifications in Act!, GoldMine and Commence as well as Dynamics we are well placed to provide you with the services you need. 
Migrating data is never straightforward and typically involves the restructuring and enhancing of the original data. Successful migrations need an understanding of both the source data (its strengths and weaknesses) as well as the new system structure. 
Typically the process involves extracting the data, enhancing it, some restructuring and then importing to the new system. 
Why Dynamics CRM is different from legacy systems 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to start with the basics and evolve the system to your business needs. It does far more than most CRM's out of the box so you can start simple and develop as you need - no hard stops as with ACT! or GoldMine. 
It is customisable allowing it (and you) to work the way your business does. 
Powerful workflow makes using the system easier, quicker and more accurate. 
Business Intelligence allows you to track and measure performance at every level i.e. company, team, department or individual - with easy to use charts and dashboards. 
Dynamics CRM is account centric and designed to support Business to Business environments, unlike ACT! and GoldMine that were designed for the Business to Consumer environment. Originally designed for the Financial Services market their data architecture and functionality does not always translate well into the B2B environment 

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