Sales Process Consultancy 

CRM Dynamics Sales Process Consultancy for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
Effective implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM starts with clear business improvement objectives and a shared vision of how to deliver this. 
Improving sales efficiency is delivered through the analysis of the organisation's sales & marketing processes. We help organisations identify their best practices and then map this into the CRM system. The vision workshop show leadership teams how the CRM system can then deliver business improvement.  
Business Intelligence capabilities can be used to measure and identify areas of success and areas for improvement, and a continuous improvement plan can be identified. The starting point for any implementation of Dynamics 365 / CRM starts the end in mind. Build clear business objectives and a shared vision of how to deliver business improvement, call us today to discuss how we can help. 
Benefits of Sales Process in Dynamics 365 CRM 
A sales process is the organisation’s attempt to document and distil sales best practise. The Dynamics 365 system can be configured with an organisations sales process and this ensures that best practise is reinforced through every day use of CRM. 
The benefits of a structured sales process reinforced by Microsoft Dynamics CRM include: 
A staged process provides an ideal way to measure and improve sales performance 
A clear sales culture and common language builds a sales culture throughout the organisation 
Training courses can be reinforced by everyday use of CRM 
The sales person understand the tasks and actions required to improve the chance of winning opportunities 
A structure around which sales leaders can coach and reinforce best practice  
Clarity on sales performance 
Sales Process Stages and Tasks. 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be configured to manage each step of the sales processes and does this with a combination of process stages and tasks. The diagram below shows a typical sales process with the process stages; qualify, develop, propose and close. 
Business Intelligence in Dynamics 365 
Critical to the success of the CRM project is defining goals and measuring progress. This can be done using various charts and dashboards. They can be used to spot trends and identify problems. The drill down capability allows users to identify the underlying records that make up the charts results. 
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