Updating ClickDimensions 
The updated solution is found in Settings |ClickDimensions Settings | Auto Update. 
You can select to Auto Update – but this will overwrite customisations to Lead, Contact, Account and Marketing List Entities . The advised option is to do a manual update. 
Steps for Manual Update. 
1. Create a Solution of Account, Contact, Lead and Marketing List entities. Take all attributes of these entities. Export the solution. 
2. Download the ClickDimensions update. 
3. Make sure the ClickDimensions Processes are assigned to the user who is running the update. 
4. Make sure Document Management and Enabled for Mobile Offline are both enabled for Lead and Contact Entities. 
5. Import the ClickDimensions solution. 
6. Import your exported solution 
More details on each step are given below. Or download the PDF of these instructions. 

STEP 1 Create and Export a solution to back up the Account, Contact, Lead and Marketing List Entities. 

a. Make sure you have the System Administrator security role or equivalent permissions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. 
b. Go to Settings > Solutions. 
c. Click on New to create a New Solution. Give it a name and select publisher. Give it a version number. Save. 
d. Add entities to the Solution. Click on Add Existing then select Entities. Select the Account, Lead, Contact and Marketing List Entities. 
e. Tick Add All Assets for each entity. 
f. When the solution has been created – export it. 
g. In the Publish Customizations step of the Export Solution wizard, you have the option to Publish All Customizations. Note that only published customizations are exported. When you're ready to proceed, click Next. 
h. You will be asked for missing components. Do not include required component when making an export for reimport into the same CRM system. Leave Export settings unchecked. 
i. In the Package Type step, specify the solution as Unmanaged, then click Next. 
j. In the Source CRM Version step, select the CRM version you want to export to. This will be the same version as your CRM as you will be reimporting it into your own system 
k. Click Export to download the solution file. 
l. When prompted to open or save the compressed (.zip) file, click Save As. 
m. Specify a location to save your solution, and then click Save. 

STEP 2. Download the ClickDimensions Update.  

Go to SETTINGS | CLICKDIMENSIONS SETTINGS then click on Auto update. 

STEP 3. Assign the ClickDimensions Processes to yourself.  

Go to SETTINGS|PROCESSES and select the ClickDimensions processe and assign to yourself. 
STEP 4. Make sure Lead and Contact Entities have Document Management and Mobile Offline enabled. Settings|Customisations. Then click on the Contact Entity to change / check the settings 
Go to Settings|Customisations. Then click on the Contact Entity to change / check the settings 

STEP 5. Import the ClickDimensions Solution. 

Go to Settings|Solutions then click on Import Solution then browse for the file. 

STEP 6. Import your own created solution of Account, Contact, Lead and marketing List entities and publish customisations when it has finished. 

Click here for the PDF instructions for updating your ClickDimensions Solution. 


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