NfP Attendance Scheduling for Dynamics CRM 

Many Not for Profit organisations have large numbers of fundraisers and volunteers that need to be scheduled to attend a wide varienty of events e.g. supermarkets, garden centres, streets, shopping malls, one off events, hospitals, homes etc. 
CRM Dynamics Ltd have developed a solution built in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that can help NfP organisations to schedule people's attendance at a location within a specific time slot. 
Bookings can be seen on a team diary and bookings can be allocated, swapped and edited with drag and drop functionality on a diary system. 
Organisers can also visualise the location of venues and the proximity of staff or volunteers on a map helping with the complex scheduling problems. 
Managing and scheduling large numbers of staff and volunteers 
Drag and drop functionality to schedule bookings on a team diary 
Venue and Event Management 
Scheduling Volunteers 
Scheduling Fundraising teams 
Booking attendance and communicating with staff / volunteers 
Visualise the geographic spead of venues and people on a map 
Diary View of Bookings 
Map View of Bookings with an Area between certain dates 
Street View to identify fundraising Coverage in towns