Based on Microsoft Word Templates, DocumentsCorePack provides you with a set of tools to create and produce documents effectively. From a document generation wizard that guides users through the process, to full document automation, DocumentsCorePack will make your business documents look professional and help you to process them effectively. 
The Document Wizard 
The wizard enables users to generate and process documents in 3 simple steps! 
1. Select report 
2. Choose document action 
3. Preview. 
The wizard can easily be accessed from the Command Bar. 
Document Automation 
By allowing you to generate and process documents in Dynamics 365 processes (e.g. workflows), DocumentsCorePack enables full document automation based on Dynamics 365 events. 
Commands & One-Click Actions 
By defining commands you can make your document process a matter of just a single click for your users. e.g. "create and send document by email and save it to SharePoint" can be combined to a single command. 
Document Processing 
It is not only about generating documents. A broad variety of processing options, like "send to e-sign", "send to printer", "send/attach by/to email" or "save to SharePoint" allow you to simplify your business processes. 
Microsoft Word - Template Designer 
The easy to use and powerful Microsoft Word based template designer allows you to use the power of Word and extends its capabilities with a connector to your Dynamics 365 system. 
Document Management 
SharePoint, Notes, email and letter attachments: By providing the option to use dynamic save-locations or creating SharePoint locations our solution will help you to manage your documents properly. 
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