QM Product Overview 

Develop your quotes 
From a sales persons perspective the Product Database has been designed to make the searching and selection of products to add to a quote as simple as possible. 
• Create and manage multiple quotes with full, automatic revision control 
• Search for products by Product Code, Description or Category and add them to the quote 
• Discount pricing by line item or the overall quote, by an amount or a percentage 
• Create Clones of quotes when you need to create a similar quote 
• Link the quote to an Account or Opportunity in CRM 
• Use standard CRM Views and Charts to manage your quotes 
From a system administrator’s perspective, the Product Database has been designed to overcome the problems with maintaining the complex Product | Price List Item structure used in the standard Dynamics CRM/365 environment. 
• Revisions to the product database can be managed using the standard Excel Export and Import functions within CRM 
• The plugin supports multiple product databases – for example End User and Distributor or, Gold, Silver & Bronze pricing. 
Present your quote 
• Sort the line items into the order you want to present them by simple dragging and dropping 
• Add Sub-totals to enhance the readability of your quote 
• Ensure standard documents such as terms and conditions are not forgotten 
• Produce the final document using standard templates 
• Present the quote in alternative currencies e.g. GBP or Euro’s 
Any number of Quote templates can be set up depending on your business needs and complexity. Templates can be created using standard Dynamics CRM functionality, or for more complex designs and enhanced capabilities we recommend using DocumentsCorePack
Deliver your quote 
Quotes can be produced as Word documents or pdfs and then emailed to your prospect. Linking the document to the Notes section of the relevant CRM record for future reference can be automated if required. Workflow could also be used to automatically schedule a follow up activity if required. 
Templates ensure consistency of production regardless of who in your organisation produces the quote – therefore ensuring a professional finished document every time. The choice of tools for producing the templates means they can be completely customised to meet your company standards. 
Authorisation Process 
An authorisation process for Quotes can be configured to ensure that only approved quotes are sent to your prospects. 
You can define who can authorise a quote, and this can be based for example, on the value of the quote. 
The approval process will stamp the quote with the name of the user who approved or rejected the quote and the date. In the event that a quote is rejected the rejected reason can also be logged. 
A series of System Views will show Quotes by Approval Status – Awaiting Approval, Approved and Rejected. 
When integrated with DocumentsCorePack, the quote report can be watermarked with “Draft” until it has been authorised, helping to ensure that only approved quotes are delivered to your prospect. 
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