Microsoft Dynamics CRM /365 Quoting Comparision:  Standard Dynamics vs Quote werks vs QM Quote Manager 

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an ideal platform to support customer centric interactions including quote and order mangement. 
We compare the key requirements of the quoting process for three major quote solutions. Firstly, the out of the box capability provided by Microsoft, secondly, a leading quote tool specialist Quotewerks plus CRM Dynamics Ltd own solution specifically developed for Dynamics called QM Quote Manager.  
Standard capability 
Quotewerks Addon 
QM Quote Manager 
Easy to use by sales users in Dynamics 
Basic functionality available but works in Dynamics. 
Solution is an external addon different look and feel from Dynamics. 
System works in standard Dynamics, easy to use, can manage the complexity of quoting process. 
Can search for products and add discounts. 
Basic capabilities to search, no ability to modify out of box functionality. 
Some simple search & retrieval capability 
Can manage complex filtering, sorting and retrieval of large product databases. 
Product data held in Dynamics 
Yes, but overly complex to manage. 
Yes, managing the product data is simple to do. 
Multiple price lists 
Yes, but complex 
Yes, outside of Dynamics 
Yes, simple to manage. 
Manages Quote Presentation & delivery 
Can manage simple requirements 
Can manage complex requirements using quote valet outside of Dynamics 
Can manage complex requirements within Dynamics. Multiple options. 
Can indentify purchasing trends and automate purchasing tasks 
Difficult to achieve. 
Data outside of Dynamics so cannot be done with Dynamics workflows and Dynamics BI tools. 
Easy to view, drill down and automate with workflows. Solution includes Purchase Order and delivery matching. 
The standard quoting capability of Dynamics uses an overly complex product database structure. It makes the management of large, fast changing databases extremely difficult to achieve. 
The presentation and distribution of quotes is basic. 
The search and retrieval capability is basic making it difficult to find products to add them to the quote. 
Quote werks is an external addon that is different from the UI of Dynamics, its another tool for sales to learn. 
Quotewerks uses a simplified product database that is easy to manage but the data resides outside of the CRM platform. This makes data analysis and workflow automation impossible using standard Dynamics tools. 
Quote presentation and delivery is outside of Dynamics and uses proprietary tools. 
There are some quite useful search and retrieval capabilities making the system able to cope with large product databases.  
QM Quote Manager is built specifically to cope with the management of the quoting process in Microsoft Dynamics CRM / 365. 
It is easy to manage large product databases often used by manufacturers and distributors.  
Sales people can search and retrieve products, add them to quotes, distribute the quotes easily. 
Product managers can see product trends and automate purchasing processes. 
For further information about QM Quote manager click here 
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