Calculated fields let you automate otherwise manual calculations and display the results in fields on Forms, Views and in Charts. 
For example, a sales person may want to know their expected commission based on the estimated revenue of an opportunity, or you may want to calculate a delivery charge based on the order value. 
Calculations can also be used with date fields to calculate a difference between dates in days, months or years – such as calculating Age from date of birth and today. 
There are a number of built in expressions to aid these calculations. 
Calculations are available for fields with data types of 
• Single line of text 
• Option set 
• Two options 
• Whole number 
• Decimal number 
• Currency 
• Date & Time 
A calculation uses fields from the current entity or related parent entities.This content will only be shown when viewing the full post. 
The example above uses the DiffinDays function to calculate the number of days between today and a field with a date in the future. 
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