If when you reassign an Account/Contact/Case record all activities are also reassigned you may need to change some settings on your system. 
For example, when you change the owner of an Account or Contact, the default behaviour is that completed tasks, emails and phone calls will also change owner. This typically is not the desired outcome when we reassign an entity. Ideally we want ONLY the open tasks, emails, phone calls etc to be reassigned. 
This behaviour can be changed with a couple of straightforward changes to the system. 
Go to Settings | Customizations | Customize the System 
1. Expand the entity requited (in this example Accounts) 
2. Click on the 1:N Relationships 
3. Sort by ‘Type of Behavior’ column. These are the relationship that need to be examined and probably redefined. 
Double click on one of these to see the behaviour that has been set. 
The default behaviour is to cascade all on assignment. This means that if the Owner of an account/contact/lead record is changed (reassigned) all activities such as all phone calls and sent emails will change owner. 
Typically this needs to be changed to Configurable Cascade and then select the correct type against Assign actions. 
• Cascade Active – this means the owner of activities (in this case Phone call - Telesales) only changes when the activities are still open. 
• Cascade None – this means the owner of activities (in this case Phone call - Telesales) will not change. 
• Cascade User-Owned – this means the owner of activities (in this case phone calls) will only change if also owned by the same owner of the account/lead/contact 
After changing the relationship behavior, simply save and publish. 
This will need to be repeated for every activity type where you do not want the assignment to change – eg Phone Calls, Tasks, Appointments, Emails ….. 
Our recommendation is to change all activities to Assign | Cascade None. It is then simpler to re-assign specific activities if necessary. 
Remember – this will also need setting up on each entity where you have activities – Accounts, Contact, Leads, Cases, Opportunities – and any custom entities. 
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