Introduced in CRM Online 2016 Update 1 was an on-demand backup that you can perform on Production and Sandbox instances (of Online 2016 Update 1). This gives you multiple options for securing your database. 
These new features are only available if you have a Sandbox licence (see What is a Sandbox licence FAQ for more information). 
• Daily System Backups are performed automatically and retained for 3 days and you now have the ability to restore these yourself. 
• On-Demand Backups which allow you to make a backup before significant customisation or other changes are made. You can only restore to a Sandbox instance, therefore to restore to a Production instance you will need to switch it to Sandbox before applying the restore. These Backups are also only retained for 3 days. 
On-Demand Backups can be restored, deleted or the label/notes edited if required 
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