Training Courses for Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 

We offer a range of CRM courses, either 1/2 or 1 day in duration. An overview of each CRM course is given below, and further details can be found on the downloadable pdf's. All delegates are provided with a training manual to retain after the course. 
Dynamics 365 v9 
All our training courses have been updated to reflect changed or new functionality introduced with Version 9.  
The courses detailed below use our standard training database. If you prefer to have training customised to your database please contact us to discuss this option. 
Click Dimensions Training 
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Course Overviews 
All courses have been updated to Dynamics 365 v9 from Jan 2018, but are available on earlier releases for courses running on your own database. Please call to discuss your requirements. 
Foundation - 1/2 day 
The Foundation course provides the essential skills for all users of Microsoft Dynamics 365. From logging on and finding your way around, creating records, activity management and an introduction to Views and Charts, this course is the ideal starting point for all those new to Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
Personal Options 
Navigating Dynamics 365 
Managing Data Quality 
Creating Records 
Adding Child Records 
Personal Views 
Introduction to Charts 
Activity Management 
Marketing & Campaign Management - 1/2 day 
This course is for users who will be setting up and managing marketing campaigns. 
Covering creating campaigns, marketing lists, campaign activities and responses, this course may be extended by added the PowerMailChimp option. 
Campaign Management Overview 
Creating Marketing Lists 
Advanced Find 
Dynamics vs Static Lists 
Creating and Editing Campaigns 
Campaign Activities 
Campaign Responses 
Campaign Templates 
Quick Campaigns 
Word Templates 
This module is an optional supplement to the Campaign Management course and include the syncing of lists with MailChimp, merge (tag) fields, sending the email and reviewing the results. 
This course does not cover template design. 
Creating Lists in MailChimp 
Multiple Master Lists 
Syncing LIsts 
Setting up Merge Tags 
Creating Templates 
Setting up the MailChimp Blast in CRM 
Email Tracking & Advanced Tracking 
Reviewing the Results 
Case Management - 1 day 
This course starts with the administrator functions and then from a User viewpoint, how to progress a case from initial logging through to closure. 
Introduction to Dynamics 
Searching for Records 
Creating and Updating Records 
Overview of Views & Charts 
Holiday & Customer Service Schedules 
Service Level Agreements 
Creating Cases 
Managing Case Records 
Goals, Dashboards & Charts 
Solution Selling - 1 day 
This course introduces the sales team to the solution selling concepts found in Microsoft Dynamics 365. 
It is designed to precede the Dynamics 365 Sales course and delivered as a set of team based exercises. 
Sales Process Overview 
Pipeline Concepts 
Qualification - BANT / Challenger 
Accessing different players in the sales cycle 
Building Value 
Opportunity Planning - Red Flags & Actions 
Measurement and KPIs 
Sales & Opportunity Management - 1/2 day 
Designed specifically for sales staff this course covers both the lead qualification process (often handled by telesales) and the opportunity management - including creating quotes and measuring goals. 
Accounts, Contacts & Leads 
Working with Leads 
Qualification Process 
Sales Process 
Creating Quotes 
Adding Products to Quotes 
Closing Quotes and Opportunities 
Analysis & Reporting 
Advanced User - 1 day 
This course is designed to give "key" or "super" users practical experience in managing their Microsoft Dynamics 365 system.  
Personal & System Views 
Advanced Find 
System Charts 
Excel Templates 
Connection Roles 
Dealing with Duplicates 
Import and Export 
Merging Records 
Change Multiple Records 
Bulk Record Deleting 
Goals & Metrics 
Customisation - 1 day 
This is a practical workshop where delegates are provided with a basic new Instance to work on. The scenario is a course booking system, and you will be creating a related entity to the Course entity already set up, and will include the following functionality:  
Security Roles  
Creating Entities and Relationships 
Creating Fields including Calculated & Rollup 
Option Sets including Multi-select 
Form Layout 
Quick View Forms 
Quick Create Forms 
Business Process Rules 
Business Process Flow 

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