The Cloud Explained (SaaS) 
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available as an on-premise installation, can be hosted by your IT company or other hosting partner, or is available "in the cloud" - also known as SaaS (Software as a Service). 
CRM Dynamics Ltd recommend the cloud (Microsoft hosted) as the best solution for small and medium sized business as the simplest and most cost effective solution. 
What are the benefits of SaaS? 
Access the system anywhere that you have an internet connection, not data to synchronise and your data is always up to date 
Freedom from infrastructure costs - there is NO requirement for expensive servers or server operating system software, SQL licences, anti-virus software or specialist backup software 
Access from any device - PC, iPad, iPhone, Android - basically any device that supports internet browsing 
No system management responsibililties such as software updates, windows update, doing your own backups - Microsoft takes care of everything 
Fast deployment. A new Dynamics CRM system can be deployed in under 15 minutes - although configuring it for your enviroment will take a little longer 
What are the risks of SaaS? 
If the provider goes out of business there is the possibility of you losing access to your data. This is a potential risk with smaller providers however with Microsoft your data is in one of the most secure environments imaginable and far more secure than if you were hosting the data on your own premises. When did you last do a trial restore from a backup of your database? 
A service provider may lack the necessary skills, expertise and resources to manage and secure your data. With Microsoft this is not an issue - they have written the book, they have all the right skills and almost unlimited levels of resources. 
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