B2B Solution Selling App

B2B Solution Selling Add-ons for complex sales and bids

Complex B2B sales require a more sophisticated approach to managing sales engagement.


CRM Dynamics Limited have developed a range of add-ons that can be used to underpin your sales methodology. These modules appear within the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Opportunity form.


The system can also be used to inform and plan strategies and activity & manage the bid approval process. It can also be used by sales managers and to review key opportunities and coach sales.

Stakeholder Analysis    

Stakeholders are identified on the Opportunity Form. They are coded based upon their role in the decision, their attitude and importance.

Competitor Analysis

Identify Competitors, plan your WIN strategy and assign actions.

Support on Quote to Cash solutions

Qualification and Risk Analysis

Create qualification questions for bid reviews, identify key risks and strategy to mitigate risk.

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